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44th U.S. President

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United States; he is the first African American to hold that office. The product of an interracial marriage–his father grew up in a small village in Kenya, his mother in Kansas–Obama grew up in Hawaii but … Read More

Shirley Chisholm Runs for President, 1972

By the early 1970s, the advances of the civil rights movement had combined with the rise of the feminist movement to create an African-American women’s movement. “There can’t be liberation for half a race,” declared Margaret … Read More

Afro News

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Frostbite 2012 – Long Island City

On Saturday February 11th

Frostbite 2012 will take place.


We will be there for sure.

Watch out!… Read More


Luke Kayyem, Owner of CrossFit Scottsdale,

powered by Kayyem Fitness and Legalized Gangsta of

Fran 2:53

Helen 7:26

Grace 2:48

Fight Gone Bad 399

Sprint 400m 1:00

Run 5K 20:00


Clean & Jerk 121kg

Snatch 84kg

Deadlift 205 kg

Max Pull-Ups 50

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